Clinica del Rey Dr. Franco Reyes Jacome
Clinica del Rey Dr. Franco Reyes Jacome

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Explore how Clinica del Rey delivers expert plastic surgery in Mexico, helping you achieve your desired look. Our skilled team ensures safe, quality procedures to transform your body and enhance your confidence.


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Discover the extensive array of plastic surgery procedures available in Matamoros Mexico, led by the expertise of surgeons Dr. Franco Reyes Jacome and Dr. Bernardo Gutierrez, the nation’s foremost authorities in the field. Renowned for their unparalleled skill and commitment to excellence, they continually refine their craft through international training and education. Whether you seek breast augmentation, facelifts, or any other transformative procedure, our surgeons are dedicated to providing safe and personalized solutions that align with your aesthetic aspirations.

Body Surgery

Explore our expert body surgery services in Mexico at Clinica del Rey. Achieve your desired body shape with safe and effective procedures tailored to your needs.

Face Surgery

Achieve facial harmony with expert face surgery services in Mexico at Clinica del Rey. Our experienced surgeons deliver natural-looking results to enhance your features.

Breast Surgery

Enhance your silhouette with expert breast surgery services in Mexico at Clinica del Rey. Our skilled surgeons offer personalized solutions for natural-looking results.

A Pioneer In Plastic Surgery

Meet Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franco Reyes Jacome

Dr. Franco Reyes Jácome specialized in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery at The Central Military Hospital in Mexico City and furthered his education in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, New York, and Beverly Hills. Dr. Franco comes from a family of prestigious Military Medical Doctors, him being the fourth generation.

As of today, he has more than 25 years of professional experience, his main focus centralizing on cosmetic surgery. Due to his experience, he is invited to participate in plastic surgery meetings and courses. Dr. Franco also contributes to his field with informative articles in magazines, newspapers, and nationwide television.

Dr. Franco Reyes Jácome

International Active Member in Good Standings.
Certification Matters

Clinica Del Rey is a premier Cosmetic Surgery Center offering a wide range of surgical and non-surgical treatments. With the expertise of our Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Franco Reyes Jacome, and Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Bernardo Gutierrez, our practice is capable of safely and effectively performing cosmetic enhancements in our on-site accredited surgical center. Some of our most popular procedures include buttocks augmentation, breast augmentation, breast lifts, abdominoplasty, liposculpture, facelifts, rhinoplasty, and blepharoplasty.
international active member in good standings
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