Carolyn Rodriguez

I AM SOOOO HAPPY WITH MY RESULTS!! Thank you ALL so much for my wonderful experience at your clinic on July 12th! Dr. Gutierrez is probably the BEST surgeon on earth! and Dr. Garcia de la Garza has the best bed side manners. He calmed me down in a matter of minutes. The girls are all so professional and nice. My friends can not believe the excellent job Dr. Gutierrez did. I am surprised how easy everything went and the results are way better than I thought possible. And the AFFORDABILITY allows middle-class people like me to be able to look like a movie star. Your clinic has improved my self confidence so that I feel less ugly and more willing to try new things. The swelling continues, but everyday I am looking better. The incisions have healed nicely with no bubbles and are in a well hidden area. There was no trace of infection and the pain was minimal. Clinica Del Rey is actually more modern and better organized than the clinic I used in Fort Worth! In fact, I will return next summer (PLUS, two of my friends want to come too!) , I have written two reviews describing the clinic and the awesome staff and service.” THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

Elisa Silva

First and foremost I would like to congratulate the staff at Clinica del Rey. I must say that they’re courtesy and professionalism is impeccable and would highly and happily recommend. I have had two procedures done here, and looking forward to my third. My first procedure was in 2009 it was a breast augmentation, i had fabulous results, and not painful thankfully. My second was in 2010 a Rhinoplasty, my experience was just as pleasant as the first. The recovery as short and healing was quickly. I had two fabulous experiences and i now want a gluteus augmentation. It`s a wonderful feeling to know that when i walk in I have fallen in magnificent hands such as Dr. Franco Reyes Jacome. I wish that everyone would experience what I have, and spread the word as well.”

Myra Rodriguez

“Hello my name is Myra and I had a breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Bernardo Gutierrez , my life changed a lot after the surgery, I feel physically good and my self-esteem is the best. Thank you very much Clinica del Rey for everything! “

Patricia Hernandez

I want to share my happy experience. I am more than happy with my results; I had ​​a Rhinoplasty and Breast augmentation. Now, thanks to Clinica Del Rey and its professional and obviously certified doctors, Dr. Franco Reyes, Dr. Bernardo Gutierrez and anesthesiologist Dr. Antonio García; I can see myself in the mirror and feel more feminine and beautiful. My self-esteem is through the roof. I am very grateful for all the attention they have given me, receptionists, nurses and doctors, the have all given me the required attention and even more. They listen to me and make me feel comfortable. If I had to choose another clinic, I would choose Clinica Del Rey choose once again, without thinking!

Gaby Milla

Knowing Dr. Franco changed my life. Dr. Franco helps the image of yourself to be the image of your dreams. The desire of everyone is to look perfect, but he goes beyond, with his honest work and professionalism, he allows your image to change, but your natural essence remains. In my case I underwent a Breast Augmentation and Otoplasty 10 years ago, so far I love the way I look , and highly recommend his work as a plastic surgeon , because he is always at the forefront and he is certified , which is a guarantee for those who are his patients.

Cielo Vela

Hi im Cielo, im 20 years old, and just got done breast implants, and I love the results so far! 🙂 I would recommend Dr. Bernardo Gutierrez for any surgery. The staff here is great at Clinica del Rey, very nice and always very polite.

Angelica Cano

I had a breast augmentation surgery , during this time I’ve felt really well and the results are spectacular . For me, this process has been better than expected , Dr. Bernardo Gutierrez and all the staff at Clinica del Rey were very courteous and kind to me. It really was a very pleasant result without any bad experience.

Eva Cervantes

I felt very calm during my procedure, besides that they treated me really well , My surgery was ambulatory and aI was able to go to my house that same day. They were all very friendly, and the result was very satisfactory, please don’t hesitate to have your procedures performed at Clinica Del Rey.

Blanca Padilla

I’m very happy with my results, even though very little time has passed since I had my procedure performed, my results are excellent. I gladly recommend Dr. Franco Reyes Jacome and Dr. Bernardo, because they are very professional and have an excellent service. Many thanks to Clinica Del Rey.

Lizbeth Reyna

Since I had children I was very insecure of my body, my stomach was super damaged because I had no elasticity and never thought to I could have a waist line like I have today. I’ve always had smalls breast, so when I tried on oy clothes I would get depressed because I did not like how I looked. After putting myself in the hands of Dr. Reyes, my self-esteem has increased immensely and I am very happy. I can now wear the clothes I like without any of how I look. Don’t hesitate to have a procedure done in Clinica Del Rey.

Paty Avila

At Clinica Del Rey I felt very safe with the procedures I got done. It was very nice, and the treatment they give you is super professional, and now I want to fulfill another surgery and I highly recommend to my acquaintances because it’s worth it. The doctors are very professional and the results I got were fantastic.

Elizabeth Banda

My experience at Clinica Del Rey was excellent, the staff and doctors take their time to help you clarify your insecurities, have the expertise to help you. The surgery and recovery went very fast, I thank Dr. Reyes and Dr. Gutierrez for accepting me as a patient, the work they did to me was exceptional :).

Lety Lopez

I am delighted by the excellent results I got with my surgery in Clinica Del Rey. For several years I tried to remove fat from my abdomen, but despite diet and exercise nothing worked . A friend recommended Clinica del Rey and decided to come, Dr. Gutierrez designed a plan for me, liposculpture and a tummy tuck . And now I feel great with the results because these procedures achieved a flat stomach. I highly recommend Dr. Bernardo Gutierrez and Clinica Del Rey as the best choice in Plastic Surgery and thank you for the excellent work and attention from the staff who were with me.

Alma Gonzalez

After the surgery I felt better as a woman, and the changes are very noticeable, although little time has passed since my procedure. I am very grateful for all you have done for me , this has been a very satisfactory change in my life , because I have the body I always wanted . My confidence was placed in the hands of Dr. Franco Reyes and the team and I was right, they are the best not only in Matamoros, but the world!

Isela Rebolledo

This has been a wonderful experience, from the day you arrive; the treatment of all staff was excellent. The surgery was a success for me, I instantly notice the change despite some of the swelling. After surgery I feel my self-esteem at a much higher level than it was before, thanks to the result of this procedure. Thank you very much everyone for the treatment and Dr. Reyes for worrying so much about beauty and self-esteem of women.

Graciela Chavez

The first time I went to Clinica Del Rey, I had many doubts and lack of confidence, but thanks to the experience of Dr. Franco and his team I felt more comfortable. After my surgery, my self-esteem and my confidence went up. and I’m ready to fulfill more procedures here , it is so worth it.

Lawana Vazquez

Hello , first I want to thank greatly the treatment of all the staff at the Clinica del Rey. Well since my first visit they made ​​me feel I was in the right place to do any procedure. I am 25 years old and mother of three children and after have undergone three cesarean, since then my body was never the same . Dr. Bernardo Gutierrez performed several procedures on me and I would definitely recommend it to anyone for the excellent work that he did. From the first procedure, he always treated me with great kindness and gave me the confidence and comfort that I sought. The results were better than expected and every day I realize that everything was worth it. So far my recovery has been excellent and I am very pleased and happy!

Melissa Saldaña

I came to Clinica Del Rey for a tummy tuck. I want to thank Dr. Bernardo Gutierrez for being such a very good doctor and for doing such a great job on my surgery. I feel so confident now about myself. My self-esteem is so much higher now than before the surgery. I would be more than honored to recommend Dr. Gutierrez and Clinica Del Rey, they`re THE BEST! Thanks again.

Brenda Martinez

I came to Dr. Franco Reyes Jacome because I wanted to have a tummy tuck surgery, and after the consultation with him, we talked about other procedures. I had performed a tummy tuck, liposculpture and a breast augmentation. The results were very fast, very soon I saw that my body took the shape that I wanted. I have noticed the change and comments that people make me people around. Then they tell me I look very different and ask me what is that I did I did and I tell them the truth. I highly recommend Dr. Franco Reyes Jacome. During the first consult I didn’t know what to expect but when I arrived at the clinic, I realized that everything is very professional, and the staff treated me very well and everyone was kind to me. I wholeheartedly recommend them, I am very happy with my results and all who assisted me in the Clinic.

Priscilla Cortez

I never had any interest in plastic surgery until I heard about Dr. Franco. During my first consultation, I had  many doubts and fears but he clarified my doubts and  explained the process step by step . He also was flexible with my schedule, since I work and go to school. The day of my procedure, the entire staff of Clinica del Rey was very friendly. In a few days I was seeing the change in my body despite the swelling, I am very happy with the results and would highly recommend Clinica Del Rey.

Lupita Longoria

I want to thank Dr. Franco, he has  given me great confidence in myself, after my pregnancies the skin of my abdomen was very damaged, so I decided to have a tummy tuck, liposculpture and a breast augmentation and I’m very happy with the result .

Cristina Santiago

Hello my name is Cristina, I’m super grateful to Dr. Franco Reyes Jacome…. I truly feel super happy with my buttock augmentation. Now I can put on what I wouldn’t dare to…. Thanks Dr.Franco Reyes Jacome … Undoubtedly, he is one of the best plastic surgeons we have..

Kenia Leija

First I want to thank everyone for the excellent service provided at Clinica Del Rey since day one. Before the surgery I did not feel 100 % secure, as I was unhappy with my appearance , even before the procedure I was afraid that it would not be the way I wanted . Thank God everything went very well, it has raised my self-esteem and I’m very pleased with the result and service. Thanks Doctors 🙂

Annia Lopez

The first day of my arrival at Clinica Del Rey everyone treated me very well. After my surgery, I had almost no pain or discomfort, little by little I noticed the change. Dr. Franco Reyes Jacome is a very good plastic surgeon, I highly recommend him.

Fatima Ontiveros

My experience was very successful; the procedure was comfortable, without pain or complications. The result has been better than I expected, because I loved how it improved my appearance, all very natural and makes me feel more secure of myself. Dr. Reyes Jacome has a lot of experience and I am grateful for the outcome.

Alejandra Cruz

“I want to share with you that the surgery  that Dr. Franco Reyes Jacome performed has exceeded my expectations , I am very happy with the results , Dr. Reyes gave me great confidence , when you get to the office, he gives you great confidence , and knows exactly what you need. I had consulted with other surgeons and none gave me the confidence that Dr. Franco gave me, he has a lot of experience and is a great doctor. I’m very happy and I highly recommend him. “


My name is Brenda and I am 47 years old. I lived in Minnesota until 5 years ago when my family and I moved to South Padre Island, Texas. When my husband and I have been out socially, I heard the names Clinic del Rey and Dr. Franco Reyes regarding Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery.; This came from women of varying races, ages and backgrounds. Many had different procedures, but all the women spoke of the affordability and positive experiences they encountered.

I came to the point where I was ready to have my tired eyes and loose facial skin worked on. Like most women, I have heard and seen the horror stories on television that some people have experienced while undergoing Plastic Surgery.

Being thorough, I started my research on Plastic Surgeons by calling the people I had heard speak about Dr. Reyes. I needed more in depth information on their experiences and was given names of more people to talk with. All were happy with their results and with the whole experience at Clinic del Rey.

I later went to the internet to look up Dr. Reyes’ credentials. I learned he is triple Board Certified in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery with more than 20 years of professional experience. His clinic and private hospital are located in Matamoros,Mexico. With the information from real people and the knowledge of Dr. Reyes’ impressive education, I decided to set up an appointment to talk to him.

From the moment my husband and I arrived, we felt comfortable and welcome at Clinic del Rey. Dr. Reyes was very open and honest in our discussion of what procedures he thought would give me the results I was looking for. After our visit we decided to go forward with his suggestions.

While going through pre-op, the cardiologist discovered I had an abnormal EKG and immediately canceled my surgery. He and Dr. Reyes said they would not move forward until I had my heart checked out completely.

I tell you this because two years ago I had a hysterectomy in the United States and my heart condition was discovered at that time too. However, no follow-up was required before surgery. I feel Dr. Reyes and his associates truly cared about my health and well being.

After surgery, I look and feel much better about myself. The best compliments I receive come from friends who do not know and can not tell I even had surgery. They tell me I look good, well rested and refreshed. When I tell them about my surgery they are both surprised and impressed with the results.

If you are at the point in your life where you feel a change is necessary to look and feel your very best, it is my opinion you will be pleased and satisfied with the results of Dr. Franco Reyes and Clinic del Rey. I will never go anywhere else for my Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery needs.

Call Clinica Del Rey today for more information on breast augmentation, liposuction or one of our other procedures!